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Clean eating. No sugar, no flour, no hassle. This simple banana oat muffin recipe is a super fun and easy on-the-go breakfast idea for the family. They are especially ideal for kids! Definitely a much healthier option for breakfast, lunch boxes and after school snacks. And if your kids play sports, they’re light yet packed […]


  1. Posted by evamoukalled7, — Reply

    If you want to add chocolate chips and you don’t have it try to melt dairy chocolate in the microwave and mix it with the recipe it turns out even more delicious

  2. Posted by cammieelick, — Reply

    Soooo good! My daughter and husband enjoyed them as well. I made some with chocolate chips and some with cinnamon and raisins.

  3. Posted by desibear419, — Reply

    These are amazing!!! They are my favorite muffins to make, healthy and delicious!!! I make mine with raisins and cinnamon :)

  4. Posted by clayduh_, — Reply

    I loved this recipe! Sadly u must go through the niddle to have the fruits. Oh, Hi philippines

  5. Posted by jewel3231, — Reply

    thank you for this recipe it was very easy and delicious with strawberries

  6. Posted by GJSlimeSisters, — Reply

    These were perfect for breakfast! Easy and Healthy! Thank uou

  7. Posted by Jacqueline_Nimmons, — Reply

    I loved this recipe!!! They were so delicious! Thank tou

  8. Posted by rocknrollyeah, — Reply

    You can also do some cookies with this recipe, very nice!

  9. Posted by S0RAYA, — Reply

    Does anyone know how many WW points on these muffins?

  10. Posted by fskovnielsen, — Reply

    Do you need to bake them in the oven?

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